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    Huge lot of Warhammer stuff: Dwarves, Tau, and Kroot

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    Huge lot of Warhammer stuff: Dwarves, Tau, and Kroot Empty Huge lot of Warhammer stuff: Dwarves, Tau, and Kroot

    Post by greymaiden on 2010-11-15, 11:37

    Pics are forthcoming as soon as I download them off my camera, probably tomorrow, but here's my inventory of stuff I'm trying to get rid of. If you live near Westminster you are welcome to come up and take a look at it too. This stuff will be available locally for about a week, then it's all going on ebay, so get in touch with me soon if you want it! I'll accept cash or paypal.

    please spread word of this around, because I'd much rather sell locally to friends or friends of friends than put this stuff on ebay.

    Here's what I am putting up for sale. Make me a fair offer and I'll probably take it.


    Most of this stuff is painted. I used to be really good at this, and these units and pieces are very attractively painted unless otherwise noted. I'm not just saying that, they really do look nice. Field them, and people will be impressed. (again, pics soon)

    One well painted Anvil of Doom with forge, but without Thorin Ironbow. I seem to have lost him :\

    One well painted bolt thrower with one painted bolt loading dwarf and two primed but unpainted dwarves. Also, an extra bolt, unpainted.

    One well painted dwarf unit with character. Two extra random heroes I forget the names of. One of them is an Iron Guard. The Heroes are painted pretty good, but not up to my usual standard. They still look good and most people wouldn't notice, but, again, if you're a connoisseur you will notice. That's why I'm just tossing them in with this unit instead of selling them separately.

    One box full of sorted random unpainted dwarf bits (enough to make another unit or two, I think), including two metal standard bearers.


    One Hammerhead tank, opened but in box unassembled and unpainted

    One Devilfish tank, unopened, still sealed in box

    One Tau Battlefield Box (A beginner set with an entire basic army in it), opened, some bits cut out and sorted into ziploc baggies but unpainted and unassembled. (Actually, some of the drones were assembled.)

    Two boxes Kroot Warriors, one apparently opened, but otherwise untouched

    Three blister packs of Tau Pathfinders

    Three Tau Broadside Battlesuits, sealed in boxes

    Tau Codex and Tau Empire books

    One unit partially painted Tau Warriors. The armor looks pretty decent, but the weapons need painting. My Tau paint jobs are not nearly as impressively awesome as my dwarves, so if you are picky about that sort of thing, these are not for you. But seriously, consider the dwarves. They are gorgeous Wink

    That's all I can think of right now, but I'll add more if I remember it. Again, PLEASE PLEASE MAKE AN OFFER ON MY STUFF!

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