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    Bitz Storage Solution


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    Bitz Storage Solution Empty Bitz Storage Solution

    Post by Chris on 2011-01-31, 15:09

    Found a very cool storage solution for my bitz. Got 6 of them at Wal-Mart for $13.00 each and used 4 to replace 8 of my old-fashioned floss boxes. The best thing is that the cups come out, so they are much easier to dig through. The cups are rearrangable and interchangeable too, so if the stock configuration doesn't work, you can take cups from other boxes. The boxes come in the light gray/lavender (which is what Wal-Mart carries) and the dark gray/yellow industrial. The lavender wasn't my first choice, but it does contrast well against the plastic and metal of the bitz, making them easier to see.

    Here's my basic Space Marine bitz box now.
    Bitz Storage Solution 167968_1404720058418_1844908646_748196_7831186_n




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