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    Camarilla, an international Chronicle

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    Camarilla, an international Chronicle Empty Camarilla, an international Chronicle

    Post by Sardoodledum on 2011-02-06, 23:31

    If you're here you've probably already heard of the Camarilla. But just in case you haven't, it's an international organization that runs years long, international campaigns for WoD Social LARP. That means no foam weapons.

    There is a chapter in Baltimore, and we need more players! If you're interested please get in touch. We have both a Vampire and a Mage game, and we meet the first three Sundays of every month at 2 pm, at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie.

    It's, currently, a small but versatile chapter. We can accommodate new comers and veterans alike. And we're not too far from the much larger DC domain, if you prefer larger groups, or wish to engage in the larger world created by the Camarilla.

    You can just show up if you'd like, but I'd appreciate some forewarning! And I'd love to answer your questions. =D

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