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    I'll get this area started.

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    I'll get this area started. Empty I'll get this area started.

    Post by WoodW on 2011-05-06, 18:21

    Well, a little saddened by no posts in this particular sub-section of the forum, but I'll give it a start.

    I've been playing Magic since Timespiral, but only have a real decent collection of cards dating to the Alara block. I read forums, look at net-decks, but havent playing tournaments or anything. I particularly enjoy multiplayer and the new custom types of games WotC has been releasing(Planescape, Archenemy, Commander). I have a good collection of cards, and wouldnt mind sharing or trading with new players that are interested in playing or old players looking for a new Planeswalker to go up against.
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    I'll get this area started. Empty Re: I'll get this area started.

    Post by Imperator on 2011-05-08, 16:16

    I'm an olde school magic player. I was on the west coast when Magic first came out and was involved through the first 6 or 7 sets but then moved back to the east coast and couldn't keep involved. I've tried to pick it up a couple times over the past four years (bought a set for the 2010 reboot) but just haven't found time to really play with anyone except my daughter.

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