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    In regards to Hyboria/Conan campaign.

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    In regards to Hyboria/Conan  campaign. Empty In regards to Hyboria/Conan campaign.

    Post by muvs32 on 2011-05-10, 17:53

    Well met all. I had decided that I knew not where to place this missive , thus I am leaving it hear to be disseminated by all.

    I have been going back to my roots as far as my reading enjoyment is concerned and I am once again inclined to play in or start a campaign that would reflect these interest. I have posted in the introductions thread column and if any wish can read more about my personal pref's,

    So, I'd be quite interested in either GMing or playing in a campaign based in the world of R.E.Howard's and others Hyboria or even a homebrew resembling it. Basically a world much like or own dark ages with magic that is rare, dark and deadly. One where savagery and sorcery are much more brutally portrayed then in in many, Fearun based novels and supplements ext. I understand that mass appeal and the sales generated by minors had an appreciatively large impact on what could be included in the Forgotten Realms setting but as it exist it is not to my personal liking. I have a mighty itch to play in a game world where their are no sub-races per se, but unique cultures to be fleshed out with their differing intrigues and such. A place where Lovecraftian gods are existent as they were in Howard's Hyboria. (even if there are dwarves, elves and giants in this yet to be determined world they would not ever be as numerous and mundane as in certain prefab popular gameworld settings)

    I have played mostly F.R. based role play online over the last three years and I am probably just F.R.ed out at this point.I do not not however resent FR loyalist but personally am drawn more so to Tolkien inspired worlds much like the one I had DMed for for more then a year online.That said, I am in hopes of finding some other folks who would appreciate and find enjoyable a campaign such as the one I have only begun to suggest in the broadest terms. I would like to look into using the old TSR Marvel Hero's / Conan RPG's color chart combat system or perhaps the D20 Conan product from Moongoose Pub. I have read that the color chart system is fast moving and enjoyable and have found an online resource for it in PDF format. I have read that the Moongoose Conan magic system is very dark, dangerous and appropriate for a Hyborian styled world.

    The reason for my bringing up Forgotten Realms setting so often in this post is that I have been a part of two woeful attempts at building or playing in a Conan adventure styled F.R. set gameworld and the premise does not seem to work very well from my XP. though others results may have varied.

    I have not read all the Conan books that have been written but I have a fairly extensive knowledge of how that type of world should look and feel. I am hoping that with the release of the Conan film (Aug19 I believe) that more will be drawn into the pulp fantasy, S&S fiction and produce more interest in the local community for a Conan inspired campaign. I have been jotting down notes and trying to outline a few things for a possible campaign. I have no doubts that this game I have outlined would not begin for a couple months at least but am putting the feelers out all the same.

    If you feel like this style campaign might be to your liking and/or have some thoughts on how to go about bringing one to a table I'd be interested and pleased to hear form you.

    Thanks for reading, Muvs.

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