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    Pathfinder group seeking DM - Weekends (Baltimore)

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    Pathfinder group seeking DM - Weekends (Baltimore) Empty Pathfinder group seeking DM - Weekends (Baltimore)

    Post by LosT_PropheT on 2013-05-01, 12:38

    I posted this up on the Meetup, but I figured more people come here. So, this is a re-post I know.

    So, . We're looking for a long-term campaign, once a week (give-or-take). We've all been playing for a very long time and have never made it past level 10.

    We've just got into the swing of things and got out party set how we wanted and hit level 3. But then, our DM had a very serious life situation come up and had to fall out. Our current meetups are Saturdays at 9:30 and we start at 10. We could do Sunday mornings instead though.

    Our party consists of: Barbarian-Magus-Wizard-Ninja-Bard-Oracle

    If we could not start over it would be a blessing. We're up for any adventure though. We started the Second Darkness adventure path if it makes a difference.

    contact: bhuber03 at

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