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    Old School Gamer introduction

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    Old School Gamer introduction Empty Old School Gamer introduction

    Post by Baziel on 2014-08-01, 07:40

    Hello everyone!

    I'm relatively new to the Baltimore area and have been looking for a gaming group to help rekindle my old but not forgotten passion for Role Playing Games. I started playing D&D in 1982 when the Red and Blue boxes came out so yeah, I'm an old fart I guess. lol. Anyway, I am well versed/invested in 2nd Edition and never really cared for the 3rd and 4th Editions of D&D but with the upcoming launch of 5th Edition, and now that I've had a chance to read through the basic rules, I've finally become inspired again to get back into the game and am looking to either join or run a game. My experience lies mostly with running RPGs and I would classify myself as a DM who focuses on the Story of a game rather than the game mechanics. My motto has always been "Story! Story! Story!" So if you have a group in need of an old school DM/Player and don't mind 2nd Edition or are willing to put up with a 5th Edition Newbie, please message me. I'm ready to play!

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